Glutathione is one of the most studied molecules in healthcare. More than 80,000 papers on glutathione published in peer reviewed scientific journals attest to the importance of this peptide in health and wellness.

The content on this website has been selected to educate healthcare practitioners and others with a deep interest in maintaining good health. By it’s very nature, the subject is highly technical and though an attempt has been made to simplify the content matter, it does need a higher than common level of comprehension from the general public. Healthcare professionals and persons engaged in related fields of scientific research will have no difficulty in understanding the material presented.

This website provides extensive information, together with references to published scientific literature, on all aspects of glutathione including on the relationships between glutathione and chronic diseases. Whereas the large number of published studies demonstrates correlation between depleted cellular glutathione and chronic diseases there do not appear to have been any studies to demonstrate the effect of increasing cellular glutathione on these diseases. This is probably because, until very recently, there was no confirmed way to increase cellular glutathione.

One of the objectives of this website is to provide healthcare professionals the technical information they would need to determine whether their patients could benefit from increasing cellular glutathione and to advise them accordingly. Another objective is to provide references to researchers in related fields thereby encouraging them to study the therapeutic effects of increasing cellular glutathione. To members of the general public, with a personal interest in any of the health issues included in this website, opportunities to consult with their healthcare provider about the potential therapeutic benefits of increasing cellular glutathione.

Content will be frequently added on this website and the results of new published research will be highlighted. The blog section on this website has been provided for readers to post their observations, findings, reviews etc. All the content on this website has been and will continue to be created by scientists who have been engaged in the study of glutathione and related fields for over two decades.